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Fachgebiet Geobiotechnologie


We focus on the investigation of molecular aspects of anoxic microbial processes and how such processes can contribute to match human demands. Human demands can be a clean environment (surface water, ground water, sediments and soils), energy-efficient production processes, waste water treatment (anaerobic digestion, Anammox) or production of fuels (biogas, butane). We understand this as Biotechnology at different Technology Readiness Levels where we mostly work on levels 1-4 (5). In addition we want to find out how and to what extend anoxic processes were involved in the generation and evolution of life and how they are contributing to natural and artificial matter cycles.

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Prof. Lorenz Adrian,

Möglichkeit zur Mitarbeit

Wir bieten alle Arten von Abschlussarbeiten (Master-, Bachelor-, Studienarbeiten) in unserer Arbeitsgruppe in Leipzig an.

Falls Sie Interesse an Doktorarbeiten oder PostDoc-Aufenthalten in unserer Leipziger Arbeitsgruppe haben, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte wegen Themen und Finanzierungsoptionen.




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